Hi-Tech Exterminators provides prompt, reliable, hassle-free residential pest control services designed to get rid of the bugs and give you peace of mind. We proudly offer a comprehensive range of pest control and prevention solutions. Count on us for attentive, personalized, professional service to help you create safe, healthy, pest-free environments in and around your home and business.


We Offer the Following Types of Service:

  • One-Time Pest Cleanout Services – once a year, once every two years, once every 6 months – you call us when you need us. Our price is competitive and our service and effectiveness are unequaled.
  • Monthly, Bi-Monthly Services – inside & outside treatments to protect your home from high populations of pests. Discounted pricing applies.
  • Quarterly Services – This is our most popular service plan. We treat the inside of your home, including every room & closet, attic and garage. Outside we power spray a 10 ft. band around your homes perimeter, treating the foundation bushes and weep holes. Then we treat under the eaves, under decks and around patios & storage sheds. Discounted pricing applies.
  • Night Service – Evenings and after hours available.
  • Bed Bug Elimination – Combinations of chemical and bedding enclosure are used to effectively remove all parasitic Bed Bugs from your home. Pricing depends on the number of rooms needing treatment.
  • Flea & Tick Control – Inside or outside chemical treatments (or both). Our adulticide products are chosen for their safety to your pets and family, as well as for their ability to effectively control adult biting fleas & ticks. Growth Regulator products are included to keep deposited eggs from  developing. This is a long-lasting treatment, and it also is an excellent preventative solution to Flea & Tick problems from ever occurring.
  • Mosquito Control – Treatment is for one month’s control of mosquito populations in your yard. As adult mosquitos roost in your surrounding foliage at night, they are killed by the chemical product that is coating the underside of leaves. So each night the population is reduced significantly. This treatment controls about 75% of the mosquito population.